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New Server IP! (Updated May 15th, 2020)

New Server IP (Updated May 15th, 2020)

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« August 2022 »
  Tox: yo
  Lex_Raider: I live
  HyperSilence: it me
  Misty: RIP
  Tox: oops indeed
  chestnut5602: oops
  chestnut5602: Citizenship
  retrontology: Kinda, we're having trouble with the world generation plugin.
  sprankles151: Is the server broken?
  Tox: Yeah, long time no see, Debs
  Debs - Hippy_DS: Hey hey, will be good to get back! Hope it's not too long now :D
  Tox: It's still gonna be on the server but some of the more annoying shit's been scaled back. Cave-ins happen, but it's a low chance. Pickaxes went back to normal durability. XP farms work again. You drop everything on death, nothing gets deleted.
  calp0l: Tks Tox also do you know if that Mod with the blocks that fall and torches that don't work below Y axis is still on the server or getting removed?
  Tox: Should be late this month. But there's a thing being worked on that should make future resets quicker.
  calp0l: Anyone know when server wipe is happening?
  JinxStark: i haven't been on lately either. I just stalk forums like Panda does
  swimcade: sorry I have not been on in a long time. there is something wrong with my minecraft and i cant join any servers. i will try to fix it
  Zen00: Theoretically I beat him in PvP, but he had ambushed me so he ran off to use potions so I had to run myself since I had none.
  JinxStark: you're a bit late lex XD he was banned
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